More than 100 people turned out in north-end Halifax Friday to raise thousands of dollars for typhoon-hit Philippines.

Some 5,000 people died and the country suffered widespread devastation in the November disaster.

A fundraiser Thursday raised $7,000 and a dinner and concert held Friday hoped to bring in at least $4,000.

Many of the dishes were provided by members of the Nova Scotia Filipino community. The meat was donated by Meadowbrook Farms. There was also musical entertainment. 

Nadia Moore said they started to organize the event the day after the typhoon.

'People call me and ask how my family is and what they can do to help.' - Nadia Moore

"People call me and ask how my family is and what can they do to help," she said. "I'm very grateful and thankful for all the people who supported us."

Moore, who is from the Philippines, said the situation is improving. People who need food and clothes are getting them and the focus is shifting to rebuilding. 

The money raised will go to the Red Cross. Many of those at the fundraiser have family members directly affected by the disaster.

An all-day event is being held Saturday at St. Agnes Church on Mumford Road in Halifax. Donations are welcomed.

Canada is matching charitable donations until Dec. 23.