Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly wants to toss out a suggestion to ban plastic bags in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Councillor Dawn Sloane said last week HRM should follow in the footsteps of Toronto and ban bags such as those used at most grocery and convenience stores.

But Kelly said she won't receive support from the rest of council.

"I think we need to be reasoned and rationed in their thoughts and as we move forward," he said. "We have to go with a long-term strategy."

Sloane said she will bring the idea to council Tuesday.

But Kelly said he hasn't heard complaints from the public.

"We do recycle the grocery bags in bulk, you can put them curbside. I don't hear a lot of demand. It may be going too far too fast until we have a strategy in place to meet that kind of expectation."

The plastic bag ban will begin in Toronto on Jan. 1, 2013.