A Halifax man on the lam from Nova Scotia justice for two months was arrested on the weekend at a motel in Ontario's Niagara Region.

Jermaine Carvery, 30, jumped out of a transport van April 3 on his way from jail in Dartmouth to a medical appointment at the Centennial Building in Halifax. Guards chased Carvery but were unable to catch him.

He escaped while awaiting trial on a number of charges, including attempted murder and hostage-taking. He's accused of being the ringleader of an armed robbery at a Costco store in Halifax in 2004, when 42 employees were bound and gagged

Police in Toronto said they had their own reasons for tracking down Carvery. It's not clear yet where he will stand trial first.

Carvery escaped an escorted visit to Halifax hospital for day surgery. His wrists were bound by handcuffs and leg irons were locked around his ankles when he was placed in the van.

Carvery managed to open the leg irons, and ran away with the manacles still on his wrists.