A Halifax area man says drivers need to be more cautious near the scenes of accidents after almost being hit at a crash scene Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, Frank Zinck pulled over to help a woman who had been hit by a vehicle turning left onto Main Avenue in Clayton Park. The 39-year-old woman was lying in the roadway, seriously injured.

Zinck was comforting the victim and taking her pulse while his wife called 911. Another driver stopped to help direct traffic around the scene of the accident.

Black sedan swerved around them

Zinck says at that point, another driver in a black sedan swerved around them.

"They didn't slow down, they didn't stop, just blew on by." - Frank Zinck

"I saw the person and made eye contact with them at that point and they sped right on by. To me, I just couldn't believe that anyone would actually do the like of that. They didn't slow down, they didn't stop, just blew on by."

Zinck says the vehicle came within a foot of where he was.

"It's unbelievable. You have an accident scene like that, and someone else doesn't have that sort of compassion. It's mind-boggling."

The victim was taken to hospital. Police say she was seriously injured but is expected to survive.

Police say neither her, nor the 50-year-old driver who hit her, will be ticketed.