A Halifax man has bought a billboard on Barrington Street calling the provincial forest policies "shameful."

Jamie Simpson, who has a masters of science in forestry, said Nova Scotia's woods are not being protected. His major concern is the NDP's definition of a clearcut.

"They had a real opportunity to give a real solid definition of what a clearcut is and to set a real goal to work towards reducing clear cutting. Instead they've created a definition so narrow you really have to create a moonscape before it falls with within their definition," he said.

Simpson said some trees are being cut too soon and if they were properly managed and allowed to grow the trees would provide high quality wood and a sustainable forest.


Site of tree harvesting off Highway 103 outside Halifax, N.S. (Yvonne Colbert/CBC)


Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker said the definition was determined after weeks of consultation.

"The definition was a consultation process through many months...maybe it doesn't please everyone, but we feel it's a workable definition and I think we have the most aggressive clear cutting targets in North America," Parker said.

Simpson was part of the consultation along with with the Ecology Action Centre and two woodlot owners' groups. He said the government ignored their suggestions.

So far he's received enough donations to help pay for the billboard for one month and he has almost enough to purchase another.