A Halifax man can thank police, a concerned friend and his dog for saving him after a dramatic rescue near Musquodoboit Harbour on Monday,

The trouble began Sunday evening, when a 51-year-old man and his friend capsized their boat on Trout Lake.

RCMP Sgt. Mike Lidstone said both men safely made it to shore.

"One gentleman had an existing medical condition and he could not walk out of the area, so his friends got blankets from a nearby camp," he said.

The friend covered him with blankets and then walked through the night in search of help.

Finally, early this morning, he found a passerby with a cellphone.

A rescue team was quickly sent into the remote location in search of the Halifax man. Searchers combed the area until they made a helpful discovery.

"Actually, we saw his dog and the dog alerted us to where he was," said Lidstone.

Police said the man was suffering from exposure and hypothermia, but rescuers couldn't safely remove him from the area.

Hours later, a Cormorant helicopter was dispatched and the injured man was airlifted back to the city.