Halifax Regional Council says it's time for a fresh, definite brand to sell the city as a place to live, visit and set up shop. Council voted Tuesday to rebrand the city.

"If you think of it as a 30 second elevator speech, and you’re explaining what Halifax is about, what would you say?" said Councillor Linda Mosher, who says it’s time HRM had a catch phrase.

"Right now we’re using this generic, great place to live, work and play. And everybody can say that."

Other big cities including Victoria, Regina and Berlin have also opted for rebranding. HRM’s plan is to test a few ideas this summer, and ask for public input.

Last year, the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission also came up with a new slogan - All Together Downtown Dartmouth.

"HRM doesn’t really resonate with myself or people I know," said Tim Rissesco of the business group.

"Everyone from away calls it Halifax and I think we should get on with calling it Halifax and rebranding the city that way as well."

People who take the ferry also agreed it’s time for a new slogan for the city.

"The city of friendly people," suggested Chris Ryan.

"I would think that Halifax would be the Gentle Soul City," said Jennifer Park.

The hope is that city hall will be able to launch the new and improved Halifax by the end of the year.