Halifax is looking for a new manager to head up its waste management system.

Gord Helm had been in the position for about five years, but as of Friday is no longer with the city.

Halifax is currently undergoing a major overhaul of its garbage system, making it a tough year to be the city's solid waste manager.  

There's been a series of tense public meetings as Halifax attempts to change almost every aspect of its garbage system. Negotiations with a citizen's group about the Otter Lake Landfill are supposed to wrap up by the end of October. 

Brendan Elliott, a spokesman for the municipality, said Helm's departure will not affect the timing for that process.

“We don't expect to miss a beat at all as we move this file forward. It's a complex file so there are plenty of people who are still in place, within the city, working on this file that will ensure that the continuity stays in place,” he said.

Elliott adds an interim solid waste manager will be announced in the next few weeks. But it could take several months to fill the position permanently.  

The city has just put out a call for a headhunting company to find a permanent replacement for Helm, a process that could take several months.