Halifax regional council has lifted a year-long ban on the spreading of treated human waste on municipal property.

Council voted 17 to 5 to lift the moratorium after hearing that biosolids weren't the cause of a big stink on Dunbrack Street.

Consultant Hugh Monty said the smell was likely caused by the fertilizers that were added to the composted sewage sludge. He concluded there was no regulatory or scientific reason to continue the ban.

That was enough of a reason for Coun. Jerry Blumenthal to vote to lift it.

"Would anybody think that Halifax Water is going to do something to kill our residents or make them sick? I mean, this product has been tested," Blumenthal said.

Coun. Debbie Hum, who represents part of Dunbrack Street, is not convinced.

"People got sick, and they didn't get sick for an hour or two, they were sick for days," she said.

Hum wanted to delay the vote until after the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities holds a panel discussion on biosolids, but most of her colleagues didn't want to wait.

Officials with Halifax Water warned that continuing with the ban could cost the municipality $2 million.