Library fines paid online

Overdue fines at Halifax Public Libraries can now be paid online.

The Halifax public library system is offering a new way for forgetful book borrowers to pay overdue fines.

Starting this week, library scofflaws with more than $5 in fines can pay the tab online using a credit card.

"I have friends of mine who won't come to the library because they have a few fines,” said Bruce Gorman, director of central library and regional services.

“But if you can sit at home, pay your fines, it's another way that you can pay them off and it's good customer service from the library's point of view."

The primary aim is convenience. But with about $400,000 in fines levied every year, library administrators hope it also means more people will pay off their debts.

"If that's a consequence and they pay more money on their fines then that's great, but it's really to provide them another avenue to pay their fines," Gorman said.