From common ailments like the flu to complex procedures such as a gastroscopy, you can now find all kinds of information from Capital Health online at the Halifax Public Library.

Capital Health and the Halifax Public Library have uploaded hundreds of medical pamphlets to the library website, offering locally produced reliable medical information.

The partnership is believed to be the first of its kind in Canada.
Lara Killian from Capital Health and library database manager Dave MacNeil are friends from Dalhousie University. They came up with their idea when Lara became patient education coordinator.

“He said could we take your records and put them into the Halifax Public Library system. I said ‘What a great idea,’” said Killian.

The project began one year ago; 450 pamphlets are now available. Go to the library website and search "Capital Health pamphlets" to find them. 

Some are available in French and Arabic.

“We’re quite proud to say we were able to do it and no money was involved in this project,” said MacNeil. “It was done on our own time on the job.”

The Digital Age

The project is another sign of how libraries are adapting to a world moving away from paper.

Downloads at Halifax Public Libraries are up by 90 per cent in two years.

Tens of thousands of people like Sarah Cooke are using the library in a new way.

“I have a Kobo and it’s just way more portable so I can load like 50 books on it and have it with me all the time,” said Cooke.