A Halifax high school basketball team will take to the court Wednesday wearing shirts to honour the seven members of a New Brunswick basketball team who were killed in a crash early Saturday.

The Citadel High boys' varsity team will wear warm-up T-shirts emblazoned with the Bathurst Phantoms' logo and the names of the seven players who were killed.

Matt MacDonald, a Grade 12 Citadel High student, came up with the idea to pay tribute to the students who died on their way home from a basketball game in Moncton when their van crashed into a tractor-trailer.

"This touched me a lot because I travel all the time for basketball. I mean, from my previous experiences last year and everything, and I just felt so devastated when I heard this," MacDonald said Tuesday.

"The biggest thing is, it was an accident. It could've happened to anybody. It hurt me a lot and I wanted to make sure that the people there know that we care and we really do."

MacDonald said he plans to travel to Bathurst High School in the near future to donate his T-shirt to the school as a memorial.