Goulish thrill seekers in Halifax will be looking for signs of legendary magician Harry Houdini’s return from the grave this Halloween night.

Houdini, whose real name was Ehrich Weisz, died in Detroit at the age of 52 on Oct. 31, 1926. He was buried in Machpelah Cemetery in Queens, N.Y.

Just before he passed away, he promised his wife he'd send a message from the great beyond, if it was possible.

Since his death 87 years ago, there's been a séance — somewhere in the world  every Halloween night. This year it will be held in Halifax.  

Bruce MacNab lives in Cumberland County and is a longtime follower of Houdini. The famed magician spent a month in Halifax in 1896.

"He did do his first jail break at Halifax City Hall, where the police station used to be. And another notable event for Houdini was his performance in Dartmouth, was actually his first performance outside of the United States as a headliner," said MacNab.

The event will feature live performances from well known magicians and illusionists. After which  Alan Hatfield, a psychic and spirit medium from Pictou Landing, will try to contact Houdini.

"My specialty is EVP electronic voice phenomena. I've been to the Titanic site twice and recorded voices there and at Deadman's Island and other places through the years," he said.

Hatfield will have some of Houdini's personal items laid out in front of him. He's hoping those items will help put him in touch with the spirit of the man known as the King of Handcuffs.

The commonly held story surrounding Houdini's death attributes his demise to a ruptured appendix that may have been caused by being repeatedly punched in the stomach by a McGill University student after a show in Montreal, in a test of Houdini's reputed physical strength.