Wendy Ward turns back the thermostat and wears sweaters to cut fuel costs. (CBC)

The price of home heating oil in Halifax is verging on a four-year high, with the price climbing three cents a litre since December.

That means homeowners are paying $860 to fill an average sized fuel tank, and so they are finding ways to keep their costs down while staying warm.

Wendy Ward is making changes to keep her Halifax home cozy, but not too costly with prices now ranging from 96 cents to $1.11 per litre for oil.

"I kind of actively try to do what I can to keep it as affordable as possible," she said Friday.

Ward said every little bit helps, including turning back the thermostat and wearing an extra layer to help keep warm.

"I actually monitor the prices on the computer and have occasionally called the supplier when my tank is part way down to take advantage of a dip in the price," she said.

"When I came to Nova Scotia I had gone with one of the larger firms and I do the monthly payments."

Fuel oil customers can save about 15 cents a litre with one of the discount companies. And then there's another option all together — natural gas.


James Earle is making the switch to natural gas. (CBC)

Natural gas recently became available in James Earle's Halifax neighbourhood, and he's ready to make the switch.

"I'm just waiting for some final quotes to have natural gas installed," Earle said.

"They kind of got you in a catch-22 situation because you don't want to spend the money, but then again you have to spend it to heat your house.  I've noticed a lot of friends have been turning down the heat and increasing the amount of sweaters that they wear."

If prices continue to climb Ward has a last resort to fall back on – a wood stove.

"I would have to be really desperate, I'm afraid of fire," she said.