Halifax food truck app shows what trucks are open

Halifax is joining the ranks of North American cities where food trucks are becoming an integral part of food culture. Thanks to a new app, they are even easier to find in Halifax.

A new app lets Halifax foodies find out what food trucks are open and where they are. 

Halifax Food Trucks lists the open trucks and shows them on a map. Brian Guinta is a fan of food trucks and the new app.

“It’s great because you can see all the different new places,” he said.

Guinta uses the app frequently on the weekend to seek out places to eat lunch.

He likes the offerings that Halifax’s food trucks serve.

“It’s not your old kind of greasy French fries,” said Guinta. “You’re finding more kind of gourmet-types of foods that you wouldn’t really find in a lot of restaurants in and around town.”

The food truck menus tend to change frequently, says Natalie Chavarie with the Food Truck Association of Nova Scotia.

“A lot of food trucks change their menu regularly because of the local availability [of ingredients],” she said.

Chavarie says the app provides a centralized point of access for people who want to chase down a food truck.