Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency wants to spend $120,000 on special equipment to improve its employees' driving after noticing an increase in the number of fire truck collisions in the past two years.

Last year there were 40 incidents and so far this year there's been 15.


The number of collisions for Halifax fire drivers is up in the past two years - 40 last year and 15 so far this year. (File)

Roy Hollett, deputy fire chief, says those numbers represent a wide variety of collisions.

"A number of these accidents as well are related to snowplowing, where we may hit something — a culvert. These are also classified as accidents under our definition, which is why you're seeing sort of a spike in the winter time," he said.

The fire service wants to buy two mobile driver training and testing systems. They can be installed on a fire truck to record and evaluate someone's driving.

Halifax's Finance and Audit Committee has approved their request, but the full regional council must also vote yes.