A Halifax developer plans on suing Halifax Water for compensation after he experienced problems getting the water turned on at a new apartment building in Clayton Park.

The 100-unit development is located on Washmill Lake Drive and it had the water turned on late last week. Tenants are moving into the building Tuesday.

Developer Peter Giannoulis wanted the water turned on months ago, but Halifax Water wouldn't sign off on the water, stormwater and sewer lines that he built.

“Up to the last minute, they were coming in here and they were always finding different little things, one of that is they didn't like the colour, for example, that we put on the hydrants,” said Giannoulis.

He says Halifax Water officials are difficult to deal with.

James Campbell, a spokesperson with Halifax Water, disagrees.

“It's in everybody's best interest to have these projects go smoothly. It's in nobody's interest, especially Halifax Water and its customers to take over assets that aren't built to spec because we're the ones who’ll be responsible for them once we take them over,” he said.

Because of the lack of water service, Giannoulis had to have 10 to 20 water containers trucked in every day to be used for brick and drywall work. He plans to sue Halifax Water for the cost of bringing these containers to the site.

In mid-July, Halifax Water said the reason it wouldn’t sign off on the lines was that four minor repairs of the system were needed.

“Once we hear back from the developer or the engineering firm that he’s hired that in fact the system is up to design and the engineer that he has hired has signed off on that, then we can proceed with the process,” said Campbell at the time.

He said the problem stemmed from a communication breakdown between Giannoulis and his engineer.