The president of the Halifax Convention Centre says the lack of a hotel in the new facility has not deterred people from booking conventions.

Carrie Cussons says 30 national and international conventions are scheduled and other downtown accommodations are being used.

"Most delegates that are coming have no issues," said Cussons. "Halifax is a very walkable city."

Cussons is hopeful that a new hotel will be open in the Nova Centre sometime in 2018.

"When it opens then obviously that will be another option," said Cussons.

Carrie Cussons

Carrie Cussons hopes a new hotel will be open in the Nova Centre in 2018. (CBC)

The developer, Joe Ramia, has said he does have a hotel tenant, but it's up to that company to make an official announcement.

Including the local bookings, there are 100 events planned with a total of 30,000 visitors, starting in January.

Cussons says that's three times what the existing convention centre can handle.

The new Halifax Convention Centre is expected to open its doors in December, but an official date has not yet been set.

"Stay tuned," said Cussons. "We'll be sending out invitations in a few weeks."