Parents are urging the city to put more effort into the aging pool and splash pad at the Halifax Common and turn the only public outdoor pool on the peninsula into a focal point.

Linda Carey said she loves that the city has added the Oval and skate park, but the splash pad has been left behind.

The facilities are showing their age. There are cracks along the floor, and weeds are popping up.

"I am 50 years old and I've been coming here since I was nine months old. So my entire life has been spent here at the commons," she said. "This needs to be refinished and fast."

She's not alone.

"They haven't done any upgrades besides painting and cosmetic fixtures for 20 to 25 years," said Peter Leblanc.

"The bathrooms are very dark and dingy and very old, and I just think that this outdoor spray park and pool does not serve the needs of the people of Halifax," said Tamara Lawrence. 

The pool — which holds just 40 people — doesn't have much space for parents to watch from the sides.

"Just build it a little longer, the city has the money, they have money to spend on all kinds of foolishness, but what you need is a bigger facility, it'll attract more people," said Leblanc.

The parents are hoping to make waves with a new petition, calling on the city to help out. They said with even a little money, they're willing to take on some of the basic work themselves.

"I'm sure there's enough parents that are willing to come down here and redo this pool. I believe we can do it," said Carey.  

The city said a major upgrade isn't in the cards.

"We try our best to make it look as good as it can, but at this point in time, no, there's no extra money available for it," said spokesman Brendan Elliot.

The city said no one has complained before, so it wasn't on their radar. Elliott said a petition will help them prioritize the needs of the community.