City crews in Halifax are gearing up for another blast of winter as a storm gets set to hit the Maritimes on Wednesday.

Snow removal contracts run until the end of March, with some continuing until the end of April.

"We're still very much in winter mode," said HRM manager Gord Hayward. "Our equipment's all ready; our contractors are ready — it will just be another light storm and business as normal."

After the unseasonably long, cold winter, some Halifax residents have jumped the gun in replacing their winter tires.

"They might have put on winter tires right at the beginning of the season that were just barely going to make it so now they're kind of worn out," said Phillip Robinson, a manager at Scotia Tire.

"Then you do get a few people who decide to come in early and just be done with winter."

But Robinson said those with all-season tires may want to try to stay home during Wednesday's storm.

The forecast is calling for 30 to 50 centimetres of snow, but Hayward predicted Wednesday's aftermath would be minor.

"Basically, there are no snow banks left on the city streets," said Hayward.

"So this, once it comes up, will disappear pretty quickly. They're calling for plus-11 temperatures on Saturday — in another few days time it will just be a memory."

City managers are still crunching the snow removal numbers but they said they think Wednesday's late-season storm may mean the city will end the year slightly over budget.