Nova Scotia's Department of Labour has finished its investigation into a building that collapsed off Herring Cove Road and concluded the destruction was caused by extreme winds and not structural weakness.

The structure on Layton Road fell down early Thursday afternoon and damaged an adjacent house and car when it collapsed in winds gusting more than 90 kilometres an hour.

It was to become a three-storey office space for Over the Edge Canada, a company made up of event planning professionals and industrial rope experts who plan rappelling excursions for charity.

"That's always the first place everyone goes to — how does it blow down?" said Paul Griffith, the president and CEO of Over the Edge.

"What I do know is that the architecture plans and the engineer specs and the building permits and all that kind of stuff were fully up to speed and code."

Department of Labour investigators finished their work on the site on Friday and concluded the building had proper permits and passed all relevant city inspections.

The crew left the construction site shortly before the collapse on Thursday, after bracing the building because it was too windy to work.

No one was injured, but a car and adjacent building were damaged in the collapse.

"Every month we're not into our new spot, we lose a significant amount of money because we're holding lease holds and the mortgage on this property," said Griffith.

Griffith said the building was insured and he's speaking with all the insurance companies involved. He hopes to have the details worked out for damage to his property and neighbours' properties within a week.

The plan is to rebuild in the same location.