Workers create a submarine-themed playground in Chester Basin, N.S. (CBC)

A popular Halifax playground will be torn down and replaced with one inspired by the area's nautical theme.

The boat playground next to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on the Halifax waterfront has been a hit with families for two generations.

It's now being replaced with a submarine-themed playground.

The Waterfront Development Corporation has hired a Chester Basin boat-building company to develop the 15-metre high playground.

The company will use the same techniques that go into building sloops and custom yachts.


The boat playground has been a Halifax staple for more than 20 years. (CBC)

"Your core will be wood core covered with a boat cloth, so it's durable and strong," said Bruce Thompson, owner of Tern Boatworks.

The playground his team is building uses fiberglass fins for the tail of the sub. A plastic dome at the front is designed to appeal to autistic children, who often enjoy the bubble. The submarine will also include slides and netting for swinging and climbing.

The ground floor is wheelchair accessible and has enough head room for grown ups. To prevent falls, the upper deck will be ringed by handrails and easily visible to parents.

"You can stand anywhere in the park and see through the structure and watch your children playing," said Thompson.

He added that building a children's playground was an unusual request for the seven-year-old company, but he said they were up to the challenge.

It's expected to take about 2,500 hours to build, at a cost of about $250,000. 

The playground is scheduled to open in October, and has an estimated 25-year lifespan.