City councillors in Halifax have unanimously approved a vote to amend a trucking bylaw that will allow registered businesses to drive their vehicles on Hammonds Plains Road instead of using a costly detour.

The old law — meant to keep 18-wheeler traffic away from residential homes — hurt some businesses by forcing them to take a 45-minute detour multiple times a day.

"It was totally unreasonable to do," said Brian Murray, who lives and works on Hammonds Plains Road and uses his truck to haul firewood to customers in the area.

"Totally cost prohibitive — not worth actually doing it," he added.

"That's the only reason why I still have firewood in my yard because it wasn't worth delivering for the price that I quoted."

After locals protested, council amended bylaw No. T-400 and will now rely on local police to enforce the change by recognizing businesses in the area.

"This is a positive thing for the community," said Murray.

"It shows the community if they stand up and make their voice heard HRM will listen."

With the amendment, local truckers can now drive on Hammonds Plains Road, Lucasville Road, Blue Water Road and Kearney lake Road.

"It won't be an extra ticket or fee," said Coun. Matt Whitman.

"It will just be a registration that says you're allowed on the Hammonds Plains Road."