Halifax's Gottingen Street will soon house a grocery store after a community campaign landed a large grant in an online competition.

The Community Carrot Co-op was awarded a grand prize in the Aviva Community Fund campaign.

"The win means so much," said Co-op member Gwen McCauley. "For a start, it actually gives us money to begin to make this store a reality. For the north-end it means people can finally have a place to shop where they're not having to walk two kilometres in the cold and the rain and the ice and the snow."

The prize is $115,000 to open up shop. In its campaign, the group said the grant will cover the cost of inventory, equipment and six months worth of rent. It will also pay for the salary of four employees.

The Co-op said the store would support more than 5,000 people who live in the area who don't have access to a grocery store.

They hope to open up shop by late spring or early summer.