A group in the Strait region is lobbying for a clean slate of board members for the Strait Regional School Board, when school board elections are held across Nova Scotia next month.

"We have to get fresh faces in there," said Randy Delorey of the Save Community Schools group. "We have to get people with fresh ideas who have a connection to the school system."

New school boards will be elected on the same day as municipal councils, Oct. 20. Delorey said more than half the people re-offering have been around too long. He points to a history of mismanagement and infighting that culminated with the board being fired in 2008.

More recently, Delorey said there have been problems with the way the board carried out school review processes.

"People are unhappy with the decisions that were made, and the focus that the board has right now."

But long-time member and Board Chair Mary Jess MacDonald is defending their actions. She said they've always tried to do what's best for students.

MacDonald also said her experience is valuable.

"One thing about being on the school board, you have to grow a nice, thick skin and do what you know is right for people," she said.

Just five of the board's seats will be elected on Oct. 20. Six candidates were acclaimed, including two new members.

The school board officials serve a four-year term.