A grieving father in Connecticut is warning others to be cautious after he was the target of scammers claiming to be members of a Nova Scotia family who gave away most of their huge lottery winnings.

Fred Minney said he was recently contacted by people claiming to be members of Allen and Violet Large, a Lower Truro couple who won $11.2 million in a lottery in 2010.

Minney was not fooled.

"Someone was wanting to give me $2 million," he said.

"I can only imagine it would have probably been one of the standard scams where they were going to be looking for money from me to release the funds or for lawyers' fees or something like that."


Allen Large and his wife Violet, who had been fighting cancer, gave almost all of their lottery winnings away in 2010. (CBC)

Allen and Violet Large gave away almost all of their lottery winnings to family and charities. It wasn't long before email scams using their names surfaced.

Minney said he was contacted by the scammers earlier this month, soon after his 28-year-old son Grayson died in a car crash.

His son was the lead singer for a band well-known in New England and Minney believes the publicity around his son's death may be the reason he was targeted by the scammers.

"Press releases, news stations, radio stations were talking about this," Minney said.

"I was probably at the weakest and most vulnerable point that I have ever been in my life.

Minney said he decided to speak out because he's concerned scammers may be refining lists of potential targets to get at victims when they may be most susceptible to scams.

"It really troubles me," he said.