Part of the roof has collapsed at the Greenwich Fire Hall in the Annapolis Valley.

David Miller, the community's fire chief, first noticed some cracking inside the building last night.

"That's how I first noticed it. I had a couple in last night to do a hall rental booking for a wedding and while they were looking around, I was kind of looking around and I noticed a bow in the ceiling," he says.

Greenwich roof collapse

The latest snowfall and wind in Nova Scotia resulted in nearly two metres of snow on the roof of the Greenwich fire hall in the Annapolis Valley. (Brian Taylor/

He grabbed a ladder and headed up to the attic. That's when he saw the 12 broken trusses.

"It looks like there's nothing wrong with it from the outside but from the inside, it snapped 12 trusses off in the attic," he said.

Members of the fire department worked to clear the massive amount of snow. 

"On the front side of our fire hall, which is [about 20 metres] long, there was [60 centimetres] of snow on the whole length of it. On the back side there was [nearly two metres] along the whole length and it just can't take that weight," says Miller. 

"It was this last big storm, it put all that snow up there."

He's hoping for a quick repair.

Miller says the fire department's operations are not affected, but this Sunday's bingo might not go ahead, depending on how repairs go over the next couple of days.

The damage is covered by insurance