The leader and two deputies of the Green Party of Nova Scotia have resigned in a squabble with the executive of the fledgling party.

Ken McGowan said he is unhappy with the executive and the fact two former leadership rivals are part of that group.

"The practical effect of that in-fighting is it has left the leadership on its own to contest the last two elections that we've contested," he said Tuesday.

"We've had little or no support from the party executive, and it's extremely difficult, I have to tell you, to go out and contest elections when you are also running a rearguard defensive action against disgruntled members of the executive."

McGowan said the two people at the heart of the dispute were never elected to the executive, which he said contravenes the party's rules.

He said the resignations by his common-law wife and a second deputy leader on Sunday are an attempt to force an early annual meeting to deal with the rift.

The Green Party of Nova Scotia was founded in March 2006, a few months before the last provincial election.