Halifax Regional Police are warning of a scam targeting seniors. Police say someone is posing as a grandchild in trouble, and then asking for money. (iStock) (iStock)

Halifax Regional Police are warning about a scam where a perpetrator calls local seniors and defrauds them by pretending to be a grandchild in desperate straits.

Police said eight people have recently become victims of the scam and bilked out of tens of thousands of dollars.

The scam involves the perpetrator calling the senior and pretending to be a grandchild. They tell the victim they're in trouble overseas and need money for a lawyer to pay for bail or to cover damages.

The victim sends them money. Then the perpetrator calls back, demanding more.

Halifax Regional Police said they have traced some of the money to Peru and Mexico.

Police also said it doesn't appear the perpetrator knows the name of the victim's grandchild when they call. They're reminding the public to be suspicious of calls for money and to make sure it's legitimate before sending off funds.

They also say you shouldn't give out personal information to anyone, unless you initiated the contact.