Two young girls in Fall River cut off their hair today for charity.

Twin sisters Sophia and Juliana Lawrence, in Grade 4 at Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary School, became the sixth and seventh girls to donate their hair within the last six months.

"They were inspired by another girl at school, one of the older girls, and we thought it was a great idea." said Sabrina Lawrence, the girls' mother.

"You can go and just get your hair cut but we thought why not go and do it all at once and do it for a great cause."

Before Thursday's school assembly, each of the Lawrence girls had a long braid of hair that went way down their back. The girls' hair will be used to make wigs for those fighting cancer.

Deanne Van Wageningen, their teacher, calls the girls "Super Hair-os."  

"They came to me and said they were going to do it. My mom is going through chemo, so it touched me," she said.

Van Wageningen hopes the donation of long locks can become an annual event at the school.

Sophia and Juliana's father, Peter Lawrence, was on hand for the snipping. He said he's proud of the girls and said it shows leadership — though Lawrence admits there's another reason for liking their shorter hairdos.

"Both girls play hockey — so we're really looking forward to not having to braid their hair when we put their helmets on," he said.