The Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia say the provincial government has dragged its feet on a decision about the future of a drug addiction centre in Cape Breton.

Keith Bain, the Community Services critic, said men in the community have gone without the services provided at Talbot House for almost 10 months.

He said the sticking point seems to be whether the NDP will allow Talbot House to operate without using methadone to treat addictions even though Bain said it has done so for 50 years.

The facility in Frenchvale shut down last March during an organizational review by the department.

The NDP looked for another operator to run addiction recovery services for men, but Bain said that included a requirement that the successful applicant include an opiate treatment program.

Bain said Talbot House remains the only applicant, adding that the delay is leaving vulnerable people without a treatment facility.