One of the most well-known streets in Halifax is about to turn 250 years old and a group of young people is set to celebrate Gottingen Street with a special project.

From September 9-14, music, art and heritage events are planned for the commemoration. A website has been launched to document the history of the once-bustling business district, which is now a hot spot for developers.

A group of neighbourhood young people is working on their contribution. The 10 interns are learning journalism skills and recording stories of the street’s past. Their recordings will become part of 106.9 GotAVoice FM, a community radio station that will broadcast during the festival.

Jourdin Symonds is one of the teens involved in the project.

“I never knew before that this area was as lively as it used to be,” he says. “There was a lot more businesses and the city itself used to take a lot more pride in this area than it does now.”

Jourdin Symonds

Jourdin Symonds is one of 10 interns learning journalism skills to help with the Gottingen 250 broadcasts next month. (CBC)

Josh Teasdale says it’ll be a verbal library of a well-known street they say shows the rich culture of the city.

“I feel it's a very strong community. People take care of each other here. People say ‘hi’ and wave and talk to each other on the street,” he says.

Program director Charlene Gagnon says the street is a wealth of history.

“It's funny because as we're collecting stories, even people who aren't from the area, everyone has an awesome story about Gottingen Street so we're really trying to capture that with the festival,” she says.

Their hope for the project is that people will see a neighbourhood that isn't defined by crime. The interns are interviewing journalists, politicians and neighbours in an effort to show how this one street influenced many lives.

The group will be broadcasting out of the North End Library starting September 9. They invite residents to drop in and contribute their own stories.