Julie Anne Currie and her husband Darrell were among four people who turned the money in to police. (CBC)

Nova Scotia RCMP are thanking four Good Samaritans who retrieved approximately $3,000 in cash from a lost wallet over the weekend.

A New Brunswick man who lost the cash got it back after some motorists discovered the bills blowing around on the side of Beaver Bank Road in Lower Sackville on Sunday morning.

Police think the money, which included a wallet and cheques, was forgotten on top of a car.

Julie Anne Currie and her husband Darrell were among the people who turned the money in to police on Sunday.

"We were driving and we saw the fluttering of this paper," Julie Anne Currie told CBC News. "We noticed a man picking it up so we thought, 'Oh, we'd better stop.'"

The crisp $100 bills were scattered across the road. Currie picked up approximately $1,000 herself.

"I couldn't live with myself if I had taken something that didn't belong to me," she said.

"It took a few seconds for it to register," said Darrell Currie. He said he was concerned someone would get hit by a car while picking up the money scattered on the road.

Cpl. Scott MacRae said the scattered money was gathered and one person brought it to the nearest RCMP detachment. He said one of the officers, using identification in the wallet, was able to contact the daughter of the man who lost the wallet.

"Thanks to people doing some good, the owner of the wallet was very happy to get its contents back," said MacRae.