Good Robot Brewing's condom promotion deflated by Health Canada

Good Robot Brewing's speciality condoms have been turned away at the border.

'We laughed uncontrollably for about two and a half minutes,' says co-founder Josh Counsil

Good Robot Brewing had to nix a promotion that involved condoms featuring the company logo. (Submitted by Good Robot Brewing Company)

A plan by Halifax's Good Robot Brewing Company to use branded condoms to attract more customers has been shot down by Health Canada. 

The federal agency stopped the brewery's order of 100 condoms featuring the company logo from entering Canada. On Monday, a letter was sent to the brewery stating its U.S.-made condoms wouldn't arrive. 

"We laughed uncontrollably for about two and a half minutes," said Josh Counsil, one of Good Robot's co-founders. 

"It was kind of disappointing. I mean American and Canadian regulations pertaining to something like condoms are so similar that you wouldn't think it would be an issue. " 

A mock-up of a Good Robot Brewing Company's condom package. (Submitted by Good Robot Brewing)

Health Canada disagrees. Its regulations state that no one can import a medical device, such as a condom, unless the manufacturer of the device is licensed in Canada. 

The brewery's liquor licence just doesn't cut it. 

"We thought it would make a good addition, especially given sort of our demographic and our neighbourhood, to promote safe sex within the tap room and just leave free Good Robot condoms, you know, in the main bar area, and for retail," Counsil said.   

Good Robot already sells novelty matchbooks and rolling papers with its logo.

Specialty condoms 

The condoms were manufactured by the company Graphic Armour in the U.S. It specializes in making condoms with special graphics on them. 

Only Good Robot's condom wrappers would feature the company's logo; the condoms themselves would not have any special designs. 

It cost about $200 to get the 100 condoms made, according to Counsil.

He said due to the limited number, the brewery would have had to be selective when giving them out. 

"Maybe for patrons that we know, or maybe we see some young kids hooking up. Or even just bringing them to events, they're always fun for things like music festivals." 

But the brewery's dream of having a condom wrapper with its name on it hasn't been dashed. It's now trying to find a condom supplier in Canada. 

"If anyone has a startup in Canada that's manufacturing branded condoms we'd love to know," said Counsil. 


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