One Nova Scotia club has found a way to get people out on the course, in spite of this spring's chilly temperatures.

The green fees are $39 at the Granite Springs Golf Club in Bayside, plus the temperature of the day. The colder the day, the cheaper the round.

The green is dotted with golfers wearing toques, all in a bid to save their own green.

"By god it was cold," said Gordon Jones, as he loaded his clubs into his car trunk after a round.

On Wednesday it was just 2 C, so Jones played a round for $41.

"Our feedback has been pretty good," said golf program co-ordinator Jim Wagner. "They think it's an interesting concept."

The golf shop employees say people show up a few hours before their time, when it might be colder, to check in and pay.

"As soon as the snow is gone, if you like the game it's an addiction and you will be here," Wagner said.

Still, players on the green admit they'd pay a little more for some spring-like weather.

Click on the video to hear more golfers' reactions.