Eagle Crest Golf Course has earliest opening day ever thanks to warm weather

It may only be February, but the big swing in temperatures has allowed two courses in Nova Scotia to officially begin their golf season.

Indian Lake Golf Course in Prospect has already been open for two weeks

Golfers at Eagle Crest Golf Course took their first shots of the season on Sunday.

It may only be February, but the big swing in temperatures has allowed two courses in Nova Scotia to officially begin their golf season. 

At Eagle Crest Golf Course in Centreville the greens opened for play on Friday. 

"Its very early," said pro shop attendant Nicholas Ward. "This is the earliest we've ever opened!"

Golf courses in the province typically open in April, but this year the double-digit temperatures and clear fairways have bumped the season up by two months.

At Indian Lake Golf Course in Prospect, golfers have been playing for two weeks already.

It's a big change from last year, when courses couldn't open until May due to heavy snow. 

"It's just kind of a little shocking, right," said golfer Mike Craig. "I mean when you think about what it was like last year."

About 70 golfers played at Eagles Crest Sunday, eager to get their swing back and begin what could be one of the longest seasons ever. 

Some golfers even found it warm enough to pull out the shorts.

'It's good to be open again'

Golfer Danny Brown said the early start means more practice. And that means he'll have a successful season, he said.

"Fantastic," said Brown. "It's great! Beautiful conditions and a great day for it."

Ward said the course had been fielding calls from golfers anxious to hit the greens. 

"We had quite a few people call, asking if we were open and a lot of people were very surprised, but they seemed happy that we were," said Ward. "It's good to be open again."

The ground is too wet for motorized carts on the course, but other than that, some golfers said there's nothing different about golfing in February. 


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