The Nova Scotia brothers behind Dormie Workshop, a company that sells custom leather golf club headcovers around the world, says their business exploded this week when they took their product south of the border to the PGA showcase.

Jeffrey and Todd Bishop, both professional golfers, work out of a warehouse in Dartmouth. They recently returned from Orlando where they sold about 1,900 headcovers — as many as they sold in an entire year. The orders came from as far away as Italy, Australia and the U.K. 

"[The trade show] is a football field wide, seven football fields long, all golf stuff and then you look back to last year where we didn't even have a finished product," said Jeffrey Bishop, co-owner.

Customized product

"It was definitely worth the gamble going south, big time," said Todd Bishop, co-owner of Dormie, adding that the brothers drove to Florida.

The brothers say their company is the only one in Canada making the product. They came up with the idea after noticing headcovers were coming back in style on the golf course.

"Genuine leather, really easy to use, and they form to the club over time. And they have a real nice luxurious look to them," said Todd Bishop.

The company says their headcovers are customizable. They can put any kind of design on one of their covers using laser and other techniques.

"I think it has to do with style and individuality. You know, people like to have stuff that's theirs," said Jeffrey Bishop, CEO, Dormie Workshop. 

The brothers received a grant they had to match from Nova Scotia Business Inc., and a $20,000 loan from CEED. They say the company has come a long way in a year.

"You look back to last year where we didn't even have a finished product," said Jeffrey Bishop.

"We had something made, we had an idea and it's funny because the shop that produces our stuff now, the owner used to call it pie in the sky. We didn't have any sales [but] he believed in us and it looks like it's really going to take off," he said.

The company that sews the headcovers together for Dormie — L and M Highland Outfitters (also based in Dartmouth) — is looking to hire more employees and buy more machinery to meet demand.