A proposed multi-billion dollar liquefied natural gas megaproject in Goldboro Industrial Park will be moving forward, but only if the terms and conditions set by the province to protect Nova Scotian’s health and environment are met. 

If the megaproject starts, it could create thousands of jobs in Guysborough County.

The province appointed a class two environmental assessment of the project, the most stringent environmental review process, which made recommendations.

The report said the majority of impacts would be “minimal to moderate”, but would result in a number of “residual effects” including compromising the marine component of a number of fisheries in its general area. The project will also result in greatly increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Environment Minister Randy Delorey approved the project and says it follows the recommendations of the panel. There are 40 conditions in the approval that address wetlands, potential impacts on wildlife, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

"Based on their report and a review by department staff, I am confident any potential environmental issues can be addressed and the economic benefits of this project can be realized," he said. 

Proponents must now obtain industrial approvals from the Department of Environment for various elements of the plant's operation, and must also obtain approval for the project from the Utility and Review Board. 

The proposed project has been discussed for years, but the German electrical utility behind the plan has yet to secure natural gas.