A proposed LNG plant in Goldboro, Guysborough County, is under environmental review.

An $8 billion liquefied natural gas megaproject that could create thousands of jobs in Guysborough County is now under environmental review by the province.

Calgary developer Alfred Sorensen says the Goldboro LNG plant will be larger than the Canaport LNG terminal in Saint John, N.B.

“From a world scale perspective, this is certainly a very large project,” said Sorensen, president of Pieridae Energy, the company behind the Goldboro proposal.

Public comments on the project are due by mid-December.

The LNG terminal includes a wharf and berths for tanker ships. And if it gets built, it could be a massive economic boost to the area.

“The 3,500 jobs from a construction perspective that will span over about four years and there 's 200 full time permanent jobs once the facility is constructed,” said Barry Carroll, chief administrator of the Municipality of Guysborough.

A German electrical utility has signed on as a customer, but the project needs to secure natural gas and is eyeing supply from the United States.

Construction could begin in two years if Pieridae can sign a contract for American shale gas, and get the go-ahead from the province.