Glennie Langille

Glennie Langille is the former communications director for Premier Stephen McNeil. (N.S. Liberal Party)

The New Democratic Party of Nova Scotia has obtained documents under the province's Freedom of Information Act that shed light on just how quickly the premier's office got to work to find a failed Liberal candidate a job.

Glennie Langille emailed her resume to Kirby McVicar, chief of staff in the premier's office, just two days after Stephen McNeil was sworn in as premier, on Oct. 24.

"Here is a resume. I really don't think it works for the purpose you requested. I am trying to get it [re-jigged],” the email read.

At that time, Langille needed a job from her close friend and leader because just weeks before, voters in Pictou West rejected her bid to become their Liberal MLA.   

Five days after sending her resume on Oct. 29, Langille emails McVicar, wanting to know why she hasn't received the Protocol job description.

A number of email exchanges, and just 11 days later, she seemed to have the job of Chief Protocol Officer sewn up.

On Nov. 4 she wanted to talk about "benefits and other transition issues."

"It would be helpful if I had a contact with the provincial government to address benefits and other transition issues," she said in an email to McVicar.

That was before she had even received a job description.

The job was officially announced a month later on Dec. 3.

McNeil's name doesn't appear on any of the emails. Despite that, Maureen MacDonald, the interim leader of the NDP reads it differently.

"Mr. McNeil seemed to be pretty desperate to find something for one of his failed candidates," she said,

Langille was at work Thursday in the protocol office but refused to speak to CBC News about the emails or her appointment.

The NDP released the documents, they claim, to keep the premier from making, what they call, are other high-profile patronage appointments.

The province is currently looking for a new ombudsman, a new freedom of Information review officer and a new auditor general.