Glace Bay Food Bank seeks donations to cover shortfall

The Glace Bay Food Bank is struggling to keep up with the extra demands that come with the summer months.

Wrap of school breakfast programs for the summer makes for more demands from families

The Glace Bay Food Bank usually fills 300 orders each month. (CBC)

The Glace Bay Food Bank is seeking donations as increased demand clears out its supplies.  

It usually helps with 300 orders each month, but summer brings even more young people looking to replace school breakfasts. 

The food bank also serves 1,000 meals every month in its dining room.

“When I come back on Monday to make the orders, I will be working with eight empty shelves,” volunteer Ruth Martell said last week. 

A vital service

Murray Brown lives in Glace Bay and volunteers at the food bank. He says the food bank is vital in tough economic times. Many families are left without money at the end of the month.

“This doesn't supply everything, but it supplies a lot to give them that help to get over that burden," he said. 

Martell said they are expecting some help in a few weeks from a food drive being put on July 20 during the Bay Days celebrations.
But she said in the meantime they would be happy to accept any food or cash donations to help them restock their shelves.

Their next big food drive will take place in the fall.