With a winter storm expected to hit Nova Scotia on Saturday, Halifax's snowplow fleet is waiting on standby to help clear the streets.

Close to 175 snowplows are ready to go in Halifax.

"We'll get out there as quick as we can and get as much done as we can," said snowplow worker Ken Hall.

Steve Callaghan has been dispatching snowplows for the province for 32 years. This could be his last storm because he retires in a few months.

But if the winter storm is as bad as predicted, then Callaghan will be ready to ride out the last big one.

He's called in extra crews and all weekend he'll sit at this desk and try to keep the public calm.       

"Well, we just tell them the plows are all out there and we'll get to them eventually. We only have so many plows and somebody has to be first and somebody has to be last," said Callaghan.

Air travel jeopardized

About 800 flights, or nearly half, have been cancelled at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

Air Canada has already warned Maritime travellers to expect delays. The airline said it will send one plane with 146 passengers to Toronto from Halifax on Saturday morning.

Travellers at airports across Canada are being advised to call airlines ahead of time to check if flights have been cancelled or delayed.

Metro Transit is urging users to follow them on Twitter for any updates.

"We will be tweeting any live service disruption information on our twitter feed and we do not anticipate have to cancel service entirely but there may be some detours in place," said city spokeswoman Tiffany Chase.

Capital Health is employing its Jeep Club to help make sure patients can get to the hospital if the storm is bad.

"We go to their homes to pick them up or we pick them from the hospital and return them to their homes," said driver Bob Pattison.

This is only the second time since White Juan, the 2004 storm,  that Capital Health has called in the Nova Scotia Jeep Club.