Note to readers: Update, June 19, 2013: Unknown scam artists have been approaching people online, using this CBC News story to suggest the Large family is still trying to disperse funds. The Large family is not dispersing funds online. 


Violet Large and her husband have given away most of their $11.2-million lottery winnings. ((CBC))

The phone hasn't stopped ringing at Allen and Violet Large's home in Lower Truro, N.S., since news spread that the elderly couple has given away almost all their $11.2 million lottery win.

Allen Large, 75, said they've received calls from well-wishers from across the country about their generosity.

Their story is also attracting international attention. A producer with ITV — a television network in the United Kingdom — wants to interview them, and the story is drawing a flood of comments from readers on the Daily Mail's website in the UK.

In July, the Larges put just over $11 million in the bank after winning the Lotto 6/49. Now they have made good on a promise to help others, giving most of their winnings to local charities.

The elderly couple still lives in their 147-year-old home, and there are no new cars in the garage or large televisions in the living room.

The Larges said Wednesday that they haven't spent any of the money on themselves.

"Nothing," Violet Large told CBC News. "We haven't bought one thing. That's because there is nothing that we need."


Allen Large says it felt good to be able to help others with the couple's lottery winnings. ((CBC))

Allen Large, a retired welder, said he and his wife are quite happy with what they've got. "You can't buy happiness," he said.

Violet, 78, is just getting over surgery and six chemotherapy treatments for cancer, but it hasn't changed her outlook on life.

"It could be worse because I'm not bedfast, and I haven't been sick to my stomach, so I'm very fortunate," she said.

The couple, who have been married for 36 years, gave some of their winnings to family members, but the lion's share was hand-delivered to charities and other organizations.

"We made the donations, which really has perked us up," Violet Large said. "We've helped hospitals and fire departments and churches and the cemeteries .… They've all been well appreciated."

The couple doesn't want to talk about how much each organization received from them, but estimated they'd given away about 98 per cent of their winnings.

"When they see the cheque their eyes really opened up wide," Violet Large said.

Her husband said it made them feel good that they could help others.

The couple knew the money couldn't help with Violet's health problems, so with the money out of the way, they are spending more time on Violet's recovery.

"She says, 'I may not be able to get up and dance, I may not be able get up and swing to the Highland fling,'" Allen Large said. "But she says, 'I'm quite happy and coming along every day, I'm feeling a little bit better, a little bit better everyday.'"

"I've never been down and out, so what more do you want?" Violet Large added.

The couple said they have kept some money for emergencies, and they are still buying lottery tickets.

With files from The Canadian Press