Nova Scotia's interrupter clause for fuel prices is going to be reviewed.

The Utility and Review Board is asking for public comments by Aug. 5 on several aspects of the interrupter clause, including whether Nova Scotians want an automatic trigger to change fuel prices, as is the case in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick's regulated gas system orders that province's Energy and Utilities Board to assign the maximum price of gasoline every Thursday.

However, if falling international oil prices cause the cost of any of the regulated fuels to drop by a specific amount, the interruption clause is triggered and the EUB must order prices lower.

In Nova Scotia, the price adjustment is left to the discretion of the Utility and Review Board — something the NDP government has said it may be ready to change.

The UARB said several issues will be addressed in the review, including the merits of a discretionary versus a mandatory trigger for the interrupter clause.

The size of the market change, the time frame for the clause and how the clause will be calculated will also be considered.