Fishermen in Gabarus, Cape Breton are worried that another big storm could completely destroy the community's seawall.

Recent wind and rain have tipped the seawall, lifted wharf supports and damaged the boardwalk.

Ray Sherwood was on the beach Wednesday surveying the latest weather-related damage.

"Almost every piece of equipment for this harbour is sitting right directly across from it," said Sherwood. "It's going to come washing through and land on the highway."

He said his livelihood and that of many others is at risk unless something is done to protect the seawall.

"I would say it's the savior of this community," said Sherwood. "Without it there would be no community. Not only is it a livelihood here with fishing but there's another small business up the road, there's homes all around this harbour. Without the seawall a lot of this won't be here anymore."

Local MLA Alfie MacLeod said the storm damage is significant.

"Some of the area where you used to be able to walk on the boardwalk is gone," said MacLeod. "It's a real disaster. We all know how strong Mother Nature is."

He's calling on the federal and provincial governments to meet with the fishermen to work on a strategy to protect the seawall and repair the damage.

He said the boardwalk was built with federal funding on land belonging to the provincial government.

He's also asking representatives from Nova Scotia's Emergency Measures Organization to work with the community to stabilize the situation.