Hundreds of people attended a meeting Thursday night in Halifax to talk about what might replace the Cogswell Interchange.

The region wants to get rid of what’s left of a decades-old dream of a downtown expressway.

The interchange was supposed to be attached to an expressway that was never built. It’s since been coined Halifax’s "road to nowhere."

"It’s not what it’s been, it’s what it could be," said Mayor Mike Savage. HRM said there could be 2.8 hectares of developable land in the area.

At a public meeting to debate what should happen next, there was no shortage of ideas.

"I’d like to see a big highrise development down here," said Wayne Spidel. "Fifty storeys."

Zoe Nudell, who also attending the meeting, said she was more interested in making sure whatever is built is accessible to all.

"Obviously important is affordable housing and active living," she said. "Active transportation options."

Savage said he’s eager to hear all ideas, but there are limits to what the city will do.

"I doubt that there’s going to be a zoo there, for example," said Savage. "Maybe it’s a sports field. Maybe it’s a performing arts centre. Maybe it’s a combination of a bunch of things."

Whatever happens next it won't happen quickly. There's not a timeline yet on when council will even see a proposal for the site.