Some people in northern Cape Breton say they're having trouble getting home heating oil delivered this winter.

People from Ingonish to Cheticamp say they've had to wait days, sometimes weeks, for delivery trucks.

"I was scared I was going to run out of oil. Who's going to bleed this furnace? And you know, what if my pipes freeze and I'll die with the frost," said Agnes Stockley.

She lives in Ingonish and is supposed to get automatic fill-ups from Irving Oil.

Her tank was topped up Oct. 2, then the company cancelled a couple of deliveries.

By early January, Stockley was down to her last few litres.

"I would turn the furnace on, get the house warm and turn the furnace off. I was just a wreck, worrying about running out of oil, because it was quite cold," she said.

Finally after many calls to Irving, Stockley's oil was delivered last week.

Businesses have been affected by late deliveries as well.

At North Highlands Nordic Ski Facility there was plenty of snow for skiing, but no fuel for the grooming machine, despite repeated assurances from Irving.

Sandra Curtis is on the facility's board.

"Day after day we had to keep calling and checking and we kept getting promised, 'Oh it will come tomorrow or the next day.' We'd plow and shovel and still no fuel, it took a whole week," said Curtis.

In an email to CBC news, Irving Oil said unusually cold and stormy weather in the last month kept their drivers off the roads for safety reasons and that has led to delays.

The company said it is adding more resources, including more drivers and hopes everything will be back to normal by early next week.