People are rallying to raise more money to help Shelby Fillmore, a 13-year-old Nova Scotia girl with anorexia who is caught in the middle of a funding battle.

The 13-year-old girl is in Arizona, getting intensive treatment for anorexia after the community raised $20,000 for a two-week stay at a facility there.

'I think this little girl might die if she doesn't get the help that she needs.' —Darrell Cooke

But Fillmore's friends say that's not enough. A three-month stay at the Arizona clinic costs about $100,000 US.

Fillmore spent nine of 14 months at the IWK Health Centre's Eating Disorders Program, but was unable to eat a meal.

The IWK recommended last September that the province's medical services insurance program (MSI) pay for Shelby to get treatment in B.C. The IWK later revoked its recommendation, saying Fillmore should be treated at a local outpatient treatment program.

Darrell Cooke's company Vintage Flooring is fundraising again.

"I think this little girl might die if she doesn't get the help that she needs," said Cook.

Family friend Jodi Bastian worries what will happen if Fillmore is unable to stay past two weeks.

"Relapse, I guess. If she starts to make progress and then comes back and doesn't have enough support, and, you know, takes backwards steps," said Bastian.

Donations are coming in from as far as Regina and Vancouver.

"'It's great that people are willing to chip in," said Cooke. "It's unfortunate that people have to chip in to fund this.  I think the government should chip in."

A trust fund has been set up at the Scotia Bank in Upper Tantallon.