It's not often that a 14-year-old vehicle is an upgrade, but that's the case for the volunteer fire department in Frenchvale.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality's fire services department has begun "cascading" their equipment —giving the newest vehicles to the busiest urban stations and then taking their older vehicles and giving them to the volunteer departments.

For Frenchvale, this means it will soon see a replacement for its 1988 tanker.

The new tanker has a 3785-litre water capacity and can seat five firefighters.

The need for a newer truck is pressing because the 1988 tanker has been breaking down regularly.

"We were called to a structure fire and one pumper arrived on scene and the tanker didn't due to mechanical issues. So it was basically our worst fears that we'd talked about," said Chief Mark Voutier.

To accommodate the larger vehicle, the fire hall will need to be renovated. Plans are already in the works to do so.

Frenchvale will receive its new tanker in two weeks.