Protesters met Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau in Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia. (Jennyfer Brickenden)

Dozens of anti-hydro-fracking protesters confronted Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau Saturday in Whycocomagh, Cape Breton.

The group is concerned because the Department of Energy gave PetroWorth Resources the green light to drill an exploratory oil well in West Lake Ainslie.

Many people worry about the potential use of a controversial drilling technique known as fracking.

Hydraulic fracturing pumps a mixture of chemicals and water into the ground, which creates cracks in shale rock formations. That allows companies to extract natural gas from areas that would otherwise go untapped.

The protesters met Sterling at the Sustainable Aquaculture Harvest Festival.

"I think he got our point. I think he understood. Now whether or not he is going to do anything about it, I am not sure. He was there. He did listen," said protestor Anne Levesque.

Before fracking can happen in the area, the company will have need more approvals from the province.